Leadership and Team

The wheels never stop turning.

Mike Ancillotti is the President of LP&M. Like many owners of small businesses, Mike wears a lot of hats.

His background in advertising and marketing, plus more than three decades of experience in account service, managing countless integrated programs and campaigns is what led him to the position of agency ownership today. More specifically, Mike’s thorough knowledge of the tourism industry was gained by years of working with many of Central New York’s brightest tourism leaders.

He still personally oversees many of LPM’s accounts, leveraging the strength of the key leadership group around him.

The same two-part identity described in our Who We Are section also applies here. Mike is part one, and our Creative Director, Andy Collins, is part two. Together, they would jointly serve as the primary points of contact for Visit Syracuse.

Why two? Because the teamwork approach is the fiber of LP&M’s success, and for more than 25 years Mike and Andy have worked together, complementing each other’s strengths to achieve client goals.

Both have long experience in travel & tourism. Both have a deep understanding of destination marketing. Together their combination of strategic and creative talents generate unique solutions to almost any marketing challenge.

Andy leads a creative, digital and production team at LP&M and AMPL that offers cutting-edge, award-winning creative solutions for local, regional, national and international accounts. Clients are assured that they can reach out to Andy with almost any type of question, knowing their concerns will be addressed.

They also know how critical all the agency members are to a program’s success. Our team is talented and experienced in all facets of creative, strategic planning, production and old-fashioned stick-to-itiveness to find solutions for every challenging assignment. And our open-door, collaborative culture means everyone becomes involved in virtually every job in the shop.

Mike at Hanover Square

Meet the Team

We’re an efficient, tight-knit group of creative and marketing folks, bringing over 200 years of proven professional solutions to the table.

Andrew Collins

The CD and writer by trade – but artistic in his own way because he molds, sculpts and spins any idea into its fullest potential.

Barbara Straight

Production and print-anything person/deliver-to-anywhere pro.

Bill Patrick

VP of Operations and Finance managing what make us tick behind the scenes.

David Fulkerson

Web video content creator and animator who’s pretty animated himself.

Gary Mullin

Web specialist double threat with strong design and digital expertise.

Janelle Ancillotti

Data and analytics deep diver.

Jeff Adkins

Senior digital director where the word ‘No’ doesn’t exist when tackling and solving any new digital territory encounter.

Jerome Natoli

Senior design strategist extraordinaire, consistently bringing exciting visual solutions to even the most far out digital undertakings.

Julia Collins

Agency support & research. For whoever, whenever help is required.

Keith Curreri

Web and specialty programming expert (yes, we call him an expert).

Kim Parr

Content writer. Have pen will travel.

Laura Greenhalgh

Art director who can make any idea sing when concept meets execution. (Laura, left, is shown here with her sister, Rachel)

Mark Anderson

Communication Director. Plan it, deliver it, measure it!  He’ll find the best bang for any buck.

Mark Flemming

Special liaison to LP&M. A social content strategist and video developer.

Mike Ancillotti

President at times, Cheerleader, Energizer, Officiator most of the time.

Tammy O'Brien

The backbone of our accounts payables and receivables.

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