For 30 years, LP&M has forged successful B2B marketing partnerships in the metals/manufacturing sector. Our experience runs up and down the pipeline: Mills, Re-rollers, Fabricators, Manufacturers, Stampers, Distributors, Precision Partmakers, Electrical Devices, Heat-treating Furnaces/Accessories, Construction & Demolition, Architecture & Roofing and more. Domestically, internationally, globally.

We help move the needle, whether you’re selling raw materials, finished components or anything in between.

We bring success to every corner of “The Metalverse”

Our experience stretches far beyond steel, copper and alloys. Every industrial B2B manufacturer, processor and distributor can benefit from our strategic thinking and communications expertise. Below are a few examples of what we’ve accomplished for others… but we’d much rather discuss what we can do for you. Let’s talk about it.

graphic of Revere tradeshow graphics, website, book, video, logo and digital ads

Revere Copper Products

LP&M has always been fired up to work with one of the world’s most iconic metal brands: Revere Copper. Our long relationship dates back nearly two decades, and intensified recently when they turned to us to handle multiple projects – each directed to its own unique audience, and each requiring different marketing skill sets. Our latest efforts include:

  • Completely new corporate website to showcase Revere’s leadership in the industry
  • Employee recruitment program with geotargeted digital ad campaign, pre-roll video, collateral display materials and a dedicated webpage for job listings
  • Digital and print versions of Copper & Common Sense 9th edition, the world’s most respected, must-have guide for architectural copper (we also created the 8th edition about 15 years ago)
  • Other exicting projects in development right now

Revere is currently thriving at its home base in Rome, NY, with new growth and expansion on the horizon. We’re glad to be part of their ongoing success.


After nearly a century of leadership in industrial heat-treating furnaces, Sentry Furnace Company moved its focus toward the manufacturing and sale of its own patented heat-treating containers and wraps. LP&M had already named the product (VakPak65) and had spent the last few years building sales momentum through strategic digital campaigns, driving traffic to the website we developed. Now, we’re pivoting along with our client, spearheading a total rebrand with a new name and logo for what is now known as VakCo. This successful partnership has thrived with:

  • VakPak65 website design and maintenance, soon transitioning to an all-new VakCo website
  • Strategic branding for both the company identity and for its key product
  • Targeted digital campaign that generated over 400,000 Impressions and 16,000+ Page Views in first six months
  • Ongoing analytic reporting, refinement and lead generation

The future is exciting for VakCo, and we’re working to keep their business running HOT!

graphic with VakCo Heat Treating Supplies logo and variety of designs and website elements
Graphic of Heyco Metals tradeshow booth, logo, print and web materials

Heyco Metals

For over half a century, Heyco Metals has served industrial manufacturers with precisely specified copper and stainless steel for critical components. We partnered with this long-time LP&M client to successfully market their expansion from primarily red metals to a leadership position in stainless steel, too. Through coordinated strategic planning, we’ve also helped highlight the company’s engineering capabilities, to encourage industrial customers to work with them early in the design process. Heyco Metals continues to rely on us for:

  • Website design, development and maintenance
  • Lead generation through online inquiry forms and PPAP trial requests
  • Ongoing digital marketing campaigns targeting Heyco’s key industries
  • Production of video vignettes for digital applications
  • Complete tradeshow booth displays with branded components and coordinated support materials
  • Eblast programs with industry-media partnerships

The Heyco Metals-LP&M relationship is built on years of success, and we’re helping them keep it going for another 50 years.

National Bronze

National Bronze has long been a market leader in copper and bronze bushings and bearings for industrial use nationwide. Its sister company, Bravo Bronze, is equally respected for supplying bulk materials in a wide variety of alloys. As the companies now move into an exciting new phase, they brought LP&M/AMPL into the equation with a number of responsibilities, including:

  • Develop a new, consistent online presence by combining two websites into one for National Bronze, while executing another distinctly different, but related site, for Bravo Bronze
  • Elevate the web design with an interactive online catalog featuring downloadable 3D CAD drawings for more than 5,000 individual parts, including e-commerce functionality
  • Design a custom tradeshow booth with lighted backwall and other innovative features, for initial use at FABTECH 2022 and beyond
  • Create a capabilities brochure to match the design of the website and booth materials
  • Integrate a powerful brand strategy throughout development of all materials, ensuring maximum value and effectiveness across the entire sales and distribution process

The new websites are currently in development. Watch this space for the upcoming launch!

Graphic of National Bronze website, tradeshow booth and sell sheet materials