You are currently viewing LP&M Helps 200+ Year Old Copper Leader Expand into New Territory

LP&M Helps 200+ Year Old Copper Leader Expand into New Territory

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LP&M Helps 200+ Year Old Copper Leader Expand into New Territory


Even after more than 220 years in business, Revere Copper continues to expand. When the company broke ground in late 2022 on a new North Carolina facility, they needed to quickly attract a skilled workforce. LP&M helped make it happen.   

While the Revere brand is known worldwide, the company had no profile as a local employer in the Mebane, NC area. Located near the Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte manufacturing hubs, Revere knew there would be plenty of competition for the best employees. Its state-of-the-art workplace, plus strong compensation and benefits package would attract the labor force… but only if jobseekers knew about it.

That’s when LP&M launched an outreach program consisting of an integrated mix of digital media and website landing pages, along with materials to be used at a series of job fairs and regional recruitment events. 

To reach the most desireable job candidates, our most powerful tool was the sharply focused digital campaign with Search, Display, Video and Social Media ads, geo-targeted within key North Carolina markets. It all drove traffic to our new custom Careers page on the Revere website (also designed by LP&M) and we further enticed job candidates by adding even more online information about things to see and do in and around Mebane. Beyond the digital effort, the Revere team used our complete package of event materials including booth displays, banners, handout literature and recruitment brochures. 

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The successful campaign quickly and effectively established Revere Copper as a noteworthy employment option in this new region. The faciltiy opened on time – in early 2023 – and was fully staffed and operational from Day 1.

Visit the Revere Copper Website Here (Built by LP&M)

Watch one of our Revere Copper Recruitment Videos Below (Produced by LP&M)