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2022 Digital Outreach Direct Marketing

Following are 4 conceptual options for the first in a series of emailed direct marketing efforts. Subsequent mailings will follow the established template, with fresh content and messaging.


Notes next to each concept provide strategic rationale and details.

Subject Line Will Be:

Meet in Syracuse: Revitalized for Rediscovery

  • Messaging focuses on revitalization; what’s new and different
  • Animated headline gets attention at top
  • Photos of various facilities, attractions, hotels may be rotated in a series of subsequent messages

Subject Line Will Be:

Meet in Syracuse: Revitalized for Rediscovery

  • Messaging focuses on revitalization; what’s new and different
  • Animated headline gets attention at top
  • Photos of various facilities, attractions, hotels may be rotated in a series of subsequent messages

Target Locations

We’re proposing a synergistic communications outreach initiative, leveraging our
3 key marketing arms:

Leisure / Tourism

Group Meetings

Film & Video

The Plan

Unite each division’s individual goals in support of Visit Syracuse’s & Onondaga County’s overarching objectives:

Leisure / Tourism:

Enticing visitors to Step Out to Syracuse

We’ll build awareness of all our natural assets, rich history, shopping, signature cultural events, music, trails, museums and more. Here’s how:
Expand The Brand
Connect with audiences eager to again experience the joy of seeing families & friends and finding new adventures
Ramp Up Marketing
Increase digital, video and audio marketing programs to reach all of NY State, neighboring states and beyond, maximizing our position as the heart of NY and crossroads of the northeast
Strengthen Our Downstate Profile
Connect with NYC/downstate residents seeking a safe, relaxing destination
Leverage Local Assets
Feature Destiny USA, the NYS Fairgrounds (and The Fair itself), the Amphitheater, natural scenic attractions and more.
Highlight Key Cultural Events
Promote the Hamilton Broadway touring performances, arts, museums and other local cultural partners needing assistance as they prepare to re-open.
Embrace Our ACC Position
Attract, engage and delight Atlantic Coast Conference cities, fans and broadcasters with current, exciting stories about all our region has to offer to increase and lengthen visits.
Brand Our Communities
Create memorable “personalities” for destination neighborhoods, such as the northern properties, Little Italy and Carrier Circle hotels.
Prepare for Canadian Border Opening
Attract and welcome back shoppers and visitors from Kingston, Ottawa and other cities.
Engage with travel writers
Communicate with key influencers to keep Syracuse at the center of the destination conversation.
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These actions will help secure our share of market in what is about to be one of the most competitive visitor destination marketplaces in history.

Groups / Meetings / Conventions:

Incentivize planners to say yes to Syracuse

The lucrative meeting and convention market is actively planning for 2022 and beyond. To ensure Syracuse gets its share,
Promote Our Advantages & Incentive Programs
To attract groups who may have previously passed on Syracuse for financial considerations.
Target Key Competitive Destination Cities
Refresh our story and re-invite them to understand what Syracuse is today (Buffalo, Albany, Rochester, Lancaster, Erie).
Concentrate on 3rd Party Meeting Planners
Ensure they consider Syracuse (ConferenceDirect, Maritz, HelmsBriscoe).
Revitalize Sports Venues with New Packages & Promotions
High school tournaments, college games and pro sports events
Offer Incentives
Do what it takes to convince planners to say “yes” to Syracuse!
Get in the Game Early
For emerging trends, such as the explosively growing e-gaming community.
Make Syracuse the City of Choice
Position Syracuse as the new hot meeting destination – safe, affordable, trusted – as live events and trade-shows continue to re-emerge
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As uncertainty fades & plans escalate, our efforts to keep Syracuse at top of mind are now more critical than ever.

Film Syracuse:

Rewriting the script with Syracuse in a starring role

The Syracuse Film Office positions this area as an attractive location for film, television and commercial production, and has reached a pivotal point with great opportunities on the horizon. Key steps going forward:
Leverage the growing list
of film producers, major streaming channels and automotive commercial makers who’ve already chosen our location
Heavily promote
the outstanding tax incentives and other financial motivators available to producers
Showcase Syracuse
as a clean, secure, affordable, wide open alternative for film producers who would typically look no further than NYC
Work with Syracuse University
to build a city/county outreach coalition to bring film/TV/advertising alumni back for their next production
Amplify our story
to persuade important influencers, Line Producers and Location Site Managers
Tout the advantages
of Syracuse’s Qualified Production Facilities, experienced crews and ease of site coordination
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Film is an important growth area for Syracuse & Onondaga County. Now is the time to further promote this segment and maximize its potential as an economic driver for new careers & opportunities.

Visit Syracuse:

An investment that will pay

Through aggressively promoted group meetings, leisure visits & film productions, Visit Syracuse can achieve its mission to attract a variety of audiences, and bring sustainable outside dollars into our communities.

To accomplish these goals and fight through the challenges of a post-pandemic recovery, we need to sufficiently fund all three pillars of the Visit Syracuse marketing plan.

Branding Platforms

Our plan will succeed based on new branding platforms, new video/audio messaging, new and expanded digital tactics to complement existing or planned boots-on-the-ground programs.
Social Media
Social Influencer Marketing through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Clubhouse and more.
Google & YouTube
Google Display and Responsive Search Ads, and YouTube Pre-roll Videos.
Email Marketing
Direct email programs to highly targeted prospect lists.
Digital Audio
Utilize Podcasts, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio and more.
Augmented Reality
Create memorable experiences with development of a custom AR App and unique promotional content.
Digital & Print
Combined Digital and Print Advertising in targeted trade publications and associated websites.
Direct Mail
Targeted outreach programs to key influencers and decision-makers.
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Our progress is undeniable, and we’re just getting started.

Ryan McMahon

County Executive
Onondaga County

Your goals are our goals. The Visit Syracuse team is ready to roll up our sleeves, apply the resources and score big for Syracuse!

Thank you! Itemized budgetary estimates provided separately.

Danny Liedka

Visit Syracuse
Photo of Danny
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