Case Study

From the description of our experience in destination, hospitality and tourism marketing, you know LP&M has decades of work we could show. For this RFP, we’ve chosen to highlight just one case study: 5 Wits. The following sampling of our efforts represents our knowledge of the many facets of destination marketing. 

Starting in 2014, we took an unknown startup brand out of Foxboro, MA and launched its first-ever expansion site at Destiny USA. We positioned 5 Wits as a destination for “live action immersive adventures,” and the new store immediately took off.

Syracuse became the prototype 5 Wits location, setting the benchmark we employed throughout our five-year relationship, as LP&M launched every new 5 Wits location across New York State and beyond:

5 Wits Logo

Foxboro, MA Rebranded in 2014

Syracuse, NY Launched April 2014

West Nyack, NY Launched July 2016

Albany, NY Launched December 2016

Buffalo, NY Launched June 2017

Philadelphia, PA Launched November 2017

This rapid corporate growth was made possible in part by the fact that we continuously developed creative promotions, engaging support materials and regionally targeted planning for every aspect of the business. Our strategic marketing/media planning efforts delivered 5 Wits’ multiple messages, in multiple markets, to multiple audiences.

LP&M Media allocated and managed budgets to reach local markets and tourist/visitors through traditional (TV, radio, cable, print, outdoor) and non-traditional (digital sources, social) vehicles.

For this innovative client, we developed an innovative media mix.

Traditional media used in non-traditional ways:

Non-traditional media used in traditional ways:

In addition, LP&M integrated social media programs to tie into the overall media campaign, emphasizing promotions and specials via SnapChat, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google Ads and Geo-fencing.

For visitors to the market, out-of-market media programs included advertising in vehicles like visitor guides, maps and kiosks, plus targeted Pandora advertising and frequent online placements with animated gifs and video pre-rolls.

LP&M’s paid media programs were coordinated and timed for maximum exposure. They were dovetailed with in-market PR efforts to support events, promotions and grand openings. Our no-charge, value-added programs exceeded our goal of 20% additional on each buy.

LP&M was heavily involved in both the strategic planning and day-to-day execution of a high volume of work, for six markets simultaneously. Our list of deliverables is as varied as it is long. For every item listed here (and many others) LP&M worked collaboratively with the 5 Wits marketing team to strategize, conceive, develop, execute and analyze:

Here are just a few examples of the large body of work we’ve produced for 5 Wits.

Destiny USA Bridge 5-monitor Espionage Video Ad. We recommend viewing this in full-screen landscape mode if viewing on your phone.

This was destination marketing to the extreme, demanding all-out efforts by the entire LP&M team, meeting every 5 Wits challenge… and always having fun along the way!

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